Short CV Andrea Schnatz



Scientific Career
Since 02/2018 Scientific Staff, AG Krämer-Albers, Institute for Developmental Biology and Neurobiology, Section Cellular Neurobiology, Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz (Parental Leave 03/2019-04/2020)
10/2013 – 12/2017 PhD Student in Translational Biomedicine, AG Nitsch, Institute of Microanatomy and Neurobiology, University Medical Center, Mainz (Parental Leave 02/2015-03/2016)
2007 - 2013 University Studies of Molecular Biology, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
Scientific Activities
2018 Poster presentation, GIS2018 Summer School
2018 Poster presentation, ISEV Meeting
2017 Speaking presentation, TransMed Science Day
2016 Poster presentation, rmn2 Meeting
2016 Poster presentation, TransMed Science Day
2015 Poster presentation, TransMed Science Day
2014 Poster presentation, rmn2 Meeting
2011 Poster presentation, German Neuroscience Society Meeting
Scholarships, Certificates and Awards
SPP Young Investigator Start-Up Fund
2018 Best Poster Award, GIS2018 Summer School
2018 FTN Travelling Scholarship
2013-2017 FTN Scholarship as PhD Student, Mainz
2017 Best Speaker Award, TransMed Science Day Mainz
2011 GRK Scholarship as Research Student, Mainz