RNA-Species in Glia-derived EVs

Martin Auber, Christina Müller


EVs deliver RNAs, which have been implicated in phenotypic modulation of target cells. We are investigating the role of small RNAs associated with oligodendroglial EVs in neural plasticity and modulation of the oligodendroglial microenvironment. However, the topological and functional integration of RNAs as EV-cargo is more and more under debate in the field. Based on a rigorous RNA-Seq strategy, designed to exclude exogenous confounders, we are profiling small RNAs present in oligodendroglial EVs. Our aim is to identify RNA-binding proteins responsible for RNA sorting to EVs during EV-biogenesis and the mechanisms of RNA recovery in target cells.



Relevant Publications

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Nachwuchsförderprogramm 2017 der Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung (to CM)



Michael Pfaffl

Dominik Buschmann

Benedikt Kirchner (TUM München)

Christian Preußer


Former Lab Members

Martin Auber

Dominik Fröhlich

Hannah Mende