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Our latest publication about oligodendrocytes supporting axonal transport and maintenance just got published!

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A wonderful review on small extracellular vesicles in physical exercise from Alla just got published!

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Congratulations to Martin! He recently defended his PhD thesis.

See him cuddling the statue of Johannes Gutenberg here 🙂


Our latest review on ExerVs is out! Check here:

“Brainstorming”: Extracellular Vesicles in Physical Activity and Neuronal Health. Brahmer, A and Krämer-Albers, EM. Trillium Extracellular Vesicles, 2020, Vol. 2, 11-15


Our recent paper got prelighted! For more follow:


Preprint in BioRxiv published:

Oligodendrocyte-derived exosomes promote axonal transport and axonal long-term maintenance. Frühbeis C, Kuo-Elsner WP, Barth K, Peris L, Tenzer S, Möbius W, Werner HB, Nave KAFröhlich D, Krämer-Albers EM.



Andy received the SPP Young Investigator Start-Up Grant!

She will now be able to continue her collaboration with Anja Schneider and Frank Kirchhoff from Homburg/Saarland to proceed with the imaging-project.


Kerstin won the award for the Best Poster at GSEV Autumn Meeting 2019, congratulations!

source: facebook /GSEV


Yay, Andy won the Best Poster Award at GIS Summer School 2018 in Frankfurt for this poster:


Wohoo - Martin was awarded with the Best Poster Prize at the ISEV Annual Meetin in Barcelona 2018! Good Job!

source: facebook/ISEV



Congratulations to Kerstin and Andy for their Scholarships!

Kerstin received the ISEV Scholarship and Andy a Travelling Grant from FTN to attend the ISEV Annual Meeting in Barcelona, 2018.



Alla received a COST ME-HAD funded scholarship!

It's aim is for “Short Term Scientific Mission” and funded by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Ghent, Belgium in 2017. Well done!


Tini recently got awarded with the Postdoctoral Scholarship from the Carl Zeiss-Stiftung! Congratulations!