Molecular and Functional Analysis of Oligodendroglial Exosomes

Christina Müller


We perform proteomic and transcriptomic profiling of small extracellular vesicles and exosomes isolated from primary oligodendrocytes (OL-sEVs) to characterize their molecular content. Using different isolation procedures, we aim at deciphering different OL-sEV subtypes and correlating functions. Our previous work indicates that OL-sEVs promote the neuronal metabolic activity and axonal transport. We use transgenic mouse models, which exhibit secondary axonal degeneration (e.g. PLP-ko and CNP-ko mice) and study mutant-derived OL-sEVs, lacking the functional competence of wild-type OL-sEVs, to decipher the molecular cargo and signalling pathways relevant for neuronal support and axonal maintenance.



Relevant Publications

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DFG KR3668/1-1 and KR3668/1-2



Klaus-Armin Nave

Wiebke Möbius

Hauke Werner (Göttingen)

Sandra Göbbels (Göttingen)

Mikael Simons

Leticia Peris

Stefan Tenzer


Former Lab Members

Jesa Amphornrat

Martin Auber

Kerstin Barth

Niko Bretz

Dominik Fröhlich

Carsten Frühbeis

Marla Herr

Wen Ping Kuo-Elsner

Sebastian Thilemann

Monika Tießen